Insulin Wine

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David’s Faith Insulin Wine is made from the finest organic ingredients.  Fermented to perfection with the delicious flavor of Guyabano.


Product Details of David’s Faith Insulin Wine 750ml

  • Brand : David’s Faith insulin wine
  • Contents:
    • 750 ml with 3.5% volume of alcohol
    • Insulin Plant extract
    • Made from all natural and organic ingredients
  • Classical Brewing
  • Wine made healthy with a fruity flavor of Guyabano

David’s Faith wine is good for:

• Reducing High Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Level
• Reducing Cholesterol Level
• Natural Prebiotic to Smooth Digestion
• Natural Anti-Oxide
• Anti Bacterial
• Improve Kidneys and Bladder Health
• Soar Throat Therapy
• Prevents Cancer
• Boost Immune System

Awarded as “One Town One Product” by DTI

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